WINO (Wednesday In Name Only)

NoteWednesday with note.png

As many of you know, or perhaps have realized by now, today was Wednesday.  Many people refer to it has hump day, though I don’t know why.  A typical week is asymmetric and so the true center of the week tends to be more towards Thursday at around 10:23 a.m.   This is analogous to true North versus magnetic North.

You can look skeptical all you want, but I’m not taking it back.  I’m too far in.

So Wednesday really should be called “Inclined Plane Day” or “Tough Uphill Slog Day” or “Are We There Yet? Day“.   You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow mid-morning to celebrate this week’s true hump.

And it’s not good to keep asking me, “Are we there yet?

Don’t make me turn this week around!




  1. It officially started in 1938: the forty hour work week, thus for most it put Wednesday, like it or not in the middle (its not a math problem). Not that Saturday and Sunday don’t count. For me, Mondays don’t get me down and there is no TGIF because I retired 4 weeks ago to write and walk more. Tuesday was on my calendar this week to entertain.
    Keep on thinking out loud.

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    • Congratulations on the retirement, Pat! I’m so jealous. I don’t think I’ll ever get to do that. My retirement plan consists of “dying in harness”. Until then, I’ll just keep blogging along.


  2. The first time I heard the expression “hump day” was in 1983, from a German woman I was working with. I was shocked, as I assumed that “hump” in this context was a verb.

    I’m still uncomfortable with the expression when I hear it, especially now with #metoo and the preponderance of verbs over nouns in my industry


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    • Hi Joem! I can’t remember the first time I heard it. It was probably back in the mid-80s like you. As soon as I heard it I recognized it as a double-entendre. This was no great feat of intellectual prowess on my part, since much of American vernacular tends to double entendre, with the second meaning almost always risque. I guess I never gave it much thought on that accord and though I used it occasionally, it wasn’t one of my go-to phrases.

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  3. That was a clever and whimsical bit of writing, Biff. Like a magician’s conjuring, you made me forget that it WAS indeed Wednesday – and that I should be getting back to being miserable. Great closer! The week, as if it was a wood-panelled station wagon on a ponderous journey towards the weekend!

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    • Thanks, Wilt!

      Man, how great would it be to have a classic wood-paneled station wagon and be on a journey to somewhere interesting? Wednesday has nothing to offer in the way of interest or amusement. Wednesday is the boring flatlands of the cross-country road trip vacation.


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