Diagnosing Tuesday — or — Sprocket To Me, Baby


I couldn’t choose which opening sentence to start my post with tonight.  It was between the following two entries:

  1.  I can’t believe it is only Tuesday.
  2. I can’t believe it is already Tuesday.

I think you can see my quandary.  Is the week passing by too slowly?  Or too quickly?

Am I having a good week?  Or a bad week?

I suppose it is all about perspective.  The speed at which time goes by (or the speed at which we perceive it is going by) has everything to do with whether we are having a good time or not.  Start having a good time, and time will fly by like a seagull snatching your corn-dog out of your hand at the beach.  Start having a miserable time, and time will drift by as slowly as a lecture on pre-Edwardian typefaces and their use in handbills.

I’m not uncovering new ground here.  We all know this to be true.  This phenomenon has been observed and noted in a million different ways.  But that doesn’t help me with my problem with Tuesday.

I think, on balance, I am having a good week, so, by rights, it should be passing by more quickly than it is.  Something obviously is awry.

I bet a chrono-sprocket has been stripped of its teeth and is not engaging properly with the cosmic flywheel, causing oscillations in the nonspatial continuum and temporal flux inhibitor.

Either that or … you know … it’s just a very meh week.




      • Try your local library or bookstore. If you enjoy humorous writing with a touch of social satire you’re gonna like this guy. (The Brits love him, they even knighted him.) But I should warn you, you might get hooked and he’s written a lot of books.

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        • Awesome! I’ll look him up. I am a HUGE fan of British humor. And I’ve read all my favorite British humorists many times over, so it will be nice to get hooked on something I haven’t already read a dozen times. Thanks for the tip!

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  1. Maybe some days actually DO go faster or slower than others. Maybe with all those forces in the universe pushing and pulling everything around the very nature of space and time is in constant flux. Some days the walk to the bus seems to be much further than it was the day before …. but if you measure it the distance is exactly the same …. BUT ….is it not possible that the very thing you did the measuring with has changed size in the same proportion. The only instrument that can pick up on the change going on everywhere is the human brain. So ….. when your brain sends you a clear message which says, “F*** me! That seemed to take like forever today!” Maybe you should believe it.

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    • I’ve always suspected something like that going on, but I guess there’s no real way to prove it. My brain is a very unreliable witness and an even more unreliable measuring device. I have noticed, however, that when one person is suffering some sort of temporal distortion (e.g. thinking it’s Thursday instead of Wednesday, or thinking a particular day went by really fast or slow), that, when mentioning it to others, quite a few others will chime up and say, “Yeah, I thought that too!” It seems to be too many to be a coincidence.


  2. as i read, i tried to assess how quickly time was going… started a little slow but then sped up nicely. but now in this comment it’s slowing way down.

    but now it’s speeding up. yay. 🙂

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