Random Clip-art Sunday

It’s random clip-art Sunday!

While reading back over the past several months of my blog yesterday, I found that I tend to lean on the same tired old images.  Some of that is due to my attempting to “create a brand”.   For instance, I want my “Poor Biff’s Almanac” posts or my “Biff Rambles On” posts to be instantly recognizable from their images.


Or lazy?

I don’t know.  All I know is that it is a royal pain to find decent images that are also relevant to the post they’re attached to.  I am no artist.  Even if I were to draw something, my own mother would not want to hang it on her refrigerator.   And I much prefer drawings to photographs on my posts.

So I turn to my trusty enabler, the Internet, for images.  However, using random art from the internet causes nervousness and anxiety associated with copyrighting and attribution and whatnot.

So what’s a poor, inartistic writer to do?

I don’t know, either.  But here is some random clip-art from the Internet for this post.  Enjoy!



(And if you see the unnamed, unattributed artist roaming around lost on the Internet, clap them on the back and tell them thank you for me.)


  1. Howdy Biff. I love the fifties (and before) clip art era, the fonts, the charming illustrations. I suppose that is called retro. In art school, clip art was, of course, pooh-poohed. I was guilty of that for awhile, but if you get past the very hacky and overused stuff, there is some real gold there.

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    • Hi Wilt! Yep, there’s some fantastic stuff out there. I’m just never sure if I can legally use it or not. Lol! My theory is that the better the clip-art looks, the least likely it is that I can use it without paying for it.


      • I shall be watching your clip art usage, Biff. Just make sure it’s all above board or you’ll find yourself wearing an orange jump suit. 🙂


  2. That very concern is the reason I use photos that I’ve taken myself, though it’s highly unlikely that people scour millions of blog posts to find someone to sue. But, better safe than sorry.

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    • So true! I always feel a little guilty when I use clipart, even if it is at a “free” clip-art site and it has no attribution. I always feel like as soon as I post it that a lawyer is going to knock on my door with a subpoena.

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  3. Google is your friend. Search for “public domain clipart” and you’ll find things like this, which you can use freely. There are lots of sites, like 1001freedownloads. They have 1,758 pages of images, which ought to hold you for a while!

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    • Thanks, Linda! I hadn’t found that particular site yet, so I’ll add it to my bookmarks of go-to places for free clipart. I’ve used other ones and can usually fine something that works. I don’t like them to look to “clip-arty” (that is now a real word), but beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. I guess this post of mine was really inspired by my frustration at my own lack of artistic talent! Lol!


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