Poor Biff’s Almanac — Et Tu, Saturday?

Poor Biff's Almanac Graphic (Colored) #1

I’m starting to wonder why I look forward to Saturdays so much.  I literally spend the five days leading up to Saturday yearning and pining for Saturday, leaning into it, counting down the minutes.  Saturday morning is like a miniature version of Christmas morning and I am like a small boy eager to rush to the Christmas tree to see if Santa has left me that toy train that I have been pining for.

But in reality, every Saturday morning is the same.  It is filled with vacuuming and dusting and laundry and emptying out trash and recycling bins and fixing broken toilets and trying to remove mysterious stains from the carpets.  In the summer, Saturday mornings are filled with mowing the yard in 100 degree heat, edging, trimming, weeding, fertilizing, sweeping, cleaning out garages full of brown recluse spiders, hauling detritus to the solid waste disposal facility.  And then after that, I go inside and do all of the OTHER things I mentioned previously.

So, really, what does Saturday offer me that the five days leading up to it don’t?  After all, Monday through Friday I spend in a climate controlled facility staring at a computer screen.  The most strenuous thing I do is create a pivot table in Excel or struggle with copying a pie chart over from Excel to PowerPoint, or being locked in a battle of wills with a conference room overhead projector.

Given that, you’d think I would spend the weekends yearning for the weekdays.

But I don’t.

So after pondering it for awhile, I realized that the reason I look forward to weekends is because, even though I may be doing unpleasant things, I am doing them on MY time, in the order that I want to do them.  I don’t have anyone sending me emails that say, “Have you had a chance to remove that stain from the living room carpet?  The deadline for having that done was ten o’clock and that was in the critical chain for being able to make it to Target by noon.

Furthermore, if I decide to be lazy and NOT remove the stain from the carpet, I don’t get dinged for it at my annual performance review and receive the dreaded “M” rating (for “Meets Expectations“).

So, even though Saturday is filled with things I’d rather not be bothered with, at least I can chose when and in which order I will be bothered by them.  And if I decide to sit down and write a post on WP instead of unclogging the garbage disposal, who cares?  I am the boss of me!

And I give myself a very solid M.



  1. I always feel like one of the benefits of Saturday is that I don’t necessarily need to shower and look nice. I can get things done or I can relax, and more often than not I’m busier than I would prefer . . . but it’s at my own pace (as you mentioned) and I’m wearing whatever I happened to find lying about. Or whatever I slept in, for a significant part of the morning. There can be holes in the jeans, or stains on the ratty old T-shirt, but I’m in my happy place with my hair in a ponytail and my own coffee cup in my hand.

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    • Yes, getting to dress comfortably is definitely a plus on the weekends. And though I’m busy, it’s busy at my own pace, so it’s not as stressful. And if I feel like taking a nap … boom! I take a nap. What could be better than that? If I did that at work it would be grounds for instant dismissal.

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    • Lol!, Candice! It is the same for me. Sometimes I expect someone to come into my office and check my pulse to make sure I’m still alive. I get up once and hour and take a short stroll around the hallways to keep the blood flowing.

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  2. What I like about blogs, yours especially, is that you are not just seeing highlights, triumphs, and, let’s face it, some unalloyed narcissism. You are getting in between the sofa cushions, if you will, where pennies, Q-tips, and scrunched-up tissues reside. It is here where life, in all its shabby, awkward glory, can be found – that is my through-line in some of my work (and I use the term loosely). There is a cathartic surge one feels when reading something that resonates with your life. Had a nice weekend, doing stuff on YOUR clock, IOW pro bono. Cheers.

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    • Cheers! I love your metaphor of finding life between the sofa cushions among the pennies, Q-tips, and tissues (and in my house, a curiously large number of hair bands). For all my grousing about spending the weekends performing drudgery, I’d still rather be here doing my own thing on my own time, than sitting in a box doing things that are only tenuously connected to reality (i.e. spreadsheets, PowerPoints, long and boring meetings, etc.) But it pays the bills, so I keep showing up.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  3. All true. There may be as much drudgery, but not as much stress. And once in a while, you find time to go play.

    Of course, after those weekend warrior play dates, sometimes you look forward to the work week to “relax” back into that comfortable rhythm, where mano y mano turns into mano y spreadsheet.

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  4. ah, Biff…Biff. you better enjoy those long, long weeks at work bc when you get to my age your life consists of a week that FLIES by into the next weekend. i’m always waking up to saturday–no! another weekend? gross…where did the week go? no decent programs on TV, stores so filled with workers you have to PLAN to get out during the week–and that can’t always happen–then i become the old lady who can’t get the debit card to work in front of you. enjoy each and every day, including the ones at work.

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    • Thank you! 🙂 I do try to enjoy each and every day, though sometimes when each day seems like the one before it, the enthusiasm wanes a bit. Still, I know things can be so much worse and even when I’m cleaning muck out of a drain, I try to remind myself to be thankful that I have plumbing and hot-and-cold running water. However, I think it is just a part of human nature to grouse about things sometimes, even if secretly we’re very thankful for those things.

      And I can sympathize with you about the malfunctioning debit card! I always seem to be that guy. Even though I am an engineer, technology and I don’t get along. I think it has it out for me. Lol!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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