Biff’s Weekly Top Five, Jan 20 2018

pool-snooker-ball #5

I am starting a weekly feature of providing my top 5 favorite things I’ve read on WordPress for the past week.  These will usually take the form of single-sentence quotes, though some may be multi-sentence. 
Most of them will be humorous, because that’s what I’m all about. 
They are presented in no particular order.
I invite you to visit the blogs I’ve linked to and give the bloggers some love (and likes).  I’d rather you give THEM the likes than me.  Enjoy!


“Aintright isn’t a massive fan of golf, partly because he nearly fractured his skull many years ago when trying to retrieve his ball from under the windmill, but also because when he hears the words ‘walk’ and ‘fair way’ in the same sentence he automatically starts looking for his car keys.”

Post Title & Link:     Golfers won’t be putt off

Blog Title & Link:     The Summerseat Skylark

Posted on:                 January 13, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

I’m not much of a golf aficionado and so I nearly skipped over this post in the Humor stream because it mentioned golf.  However, I was lured in by the pun and was not disappointed.  I also love “bureaucracy runs amok” stories, and this one delivered on that count as well.  This post suits me to a tee!



“Procrastinators unite! But, maybe tomorrow, or next week.”

Post Title & Link:      Friday:) From Chaos To Organized

Blog Title:                  TONI ANDRUKAITIS

Posted on:              January 19, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

This is Toni’s hilarious take on that special drawer we all have in our house … the one that contains the thousand little bits of this-and-that that make us question our sanity for keeping it.



“It’s not an easy life, of course,
the life of the aesthete,
but it helps to nibble fruitcake,
and wear satin on one’s feet.”

Post Title & Link:     The calculated life

Blog Title:                  LONE WORDS (Poems etc. by Catweazle)

Posted on:                January 7, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

I’m not much of a poetry aficionado, but Catweazle’s poems are right up my alley.  They are short, pithy, and very witty (as opposed to merely funny).  It is relatively easy to be funny, but it takes skill to be witty.  I invite you to peruse Catweazle’s offerings.  They are all quite charming and amusing!



“I once got completely freaked out because I found a lump on my shoulder. Naturally, after years of watching medical shows, I assumed the worst. “Oh my God,” I thought. “It’s shoulder cancer! It’s an absorbed Siamese twin! It’s…wait, there’s one on the other side. What the…?”

It was my collarbone.”

Post Title & Link:      I Sing The Body Eclectic

Blog Title:                JENNIFER INGLIS (Writer-ish)

Posted on:                January 20, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

This was truly funny!  It was an essay on how our bodies and our brains constantly plot, like Pinky and the Brain, to thwart our quests for normalcy.  I’m sure we can all relate to Jennifer’s description of how her feet attempt to trip her up with every step, how her brain convinces itself that a collarbone is an absorbed Siamese twin, and how her nostrils refuse to work as a team.   And her description of her experiences with a Neti pot had me laughing out loud.  Her essay is a wonderful read … because it describes most of us.



“According to Inspector Fuzz, the police are deploying standard crowd-control measures, such as tear gas, water cannons, and a series of public-address systems broadcasting lengthy lectures on modern macroeconomic theory.”

Post Title & Link:     News Flash: Mobs Riot to Celebrate Richard III Debate Contest Result

Blog Title:                 The Punnery’s Commentary

Posted on:                January 21, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

 I clicked on this link simply because of the title.  I do love me a good title!  And this one had everything:  The “News Flash” splash to grab your attention, the shock of the word “riot”, followed by the comedic sucker punch of “Debate Contest”.  Brilliant!  The faux-news report itself was awesome and I found myself wishing that someone would turn this into a YouTube video.   An awesome read!  

The Punnery’s Commentary contains a host of humorous “news” stories that are just the sorts of dry and subtle humor I like to read.  Go check it out.


So there you have it:  my second installment of Biff’s Weekly Top Five.  I hope you enjoyed it!  And remember … go to the blogger’s sites and show them some love and appreciation!


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