Biff’s Weekly Top Five, Jan 12 2018

pool-snooker-ball #5

I am starting a weekly feature of providing my top 5 favorite things I’ve read on WordPress for the past week.  These will usually take the form of single-sentence quotes, though some may be multi-sentence. 
Most of them will be humorous, because that’s what I’m all about. 
They are presented in no particular order.
I invite you to visit the blogs I’ve linked to and give the bloggers some love (and likes).  I’d rather you give THEM the likes than me.  Enjoy!


“Two Dead as Restoration Hardware Catalog Falls Off Coffee Table”

Post Title & Link:     Two Dead as Restoration Hardware Catalog Falls Off Coffee Table

Blog Title & Link:    Gerbil News Network

Posted on:                 January 12, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

This was actually the title of the blog post and not a line from the post, but I thought it was awesome.  It’s the sort of line I wish I’d written myself.  The post itself is very funny, too.



“I believe that when you go to bed for the night, you should stop shouting at your husband.”

Post Title & Link:  Ask Me Anything. I’m a Billionaire.

Blog Title:              DOES WRITING EXCUSE WATCHING?

Posted on:              January 12, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

This was one of the best and most accurate (and funniest) descriptions of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work.  It should be the Wikipedia entry for cryptocurrency.

Bonus points for the blog post title itself.  Very funny!



“Switzerland may be famously neutral and their knives more functional than deadly, but their aloof contemplation can be withering.”

Post Title & Link:     it is Rapperswil, not rapper swill

Blog Title:                 TRASK AVENUE

Posted on:                January 12, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

This is easily one of the best travelogue posts I have ever read.  Maybe even THE best.  And by “best, I mean hilarious.  It makes me actually want to go to Rapperswil and drink some huckleberry gin and go up to look for my contacts at the summit where Rapperswil Castle sits majestically. 

The quote above wasn’t the funniest line from the post, but most of the humor was multi-sentence and I needed something single-sentence.



“I live in a small house, but I just discovered how roomy it really is. I took down the Christmas tree.”

Post Title & Link:     Still alive and thinking

Blog Title:                 Monica’s Pen

Posted on:                January 12, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

A warm, cozy, humorous post about something we all struggle with:  coming up with ideas to write about and the inspiration to get it written.   (Happy birthday, Monica!)



“On my deathbed I’m not going to think, ‘boy, I wish I ate less junk food.’ I feel like I’m more likely to think, ‘maybe I shouldn’t have tried cocaine.’ I’m certainly still going to be ruing my decision to go to grad school.”

Post Title & Link:     Life is Sweet

Blog Title:                 Welcome to the Cubicle

Posted on:                January 12, 2018

Biff’s Comments:

 This is one of those introspective post-new-years posts that we can all relate to.  It is written in a very humorous way that makes us nod our head and smile because we see ourselves so clearly in in the writer’s words.

Bonus points for the blog title.  I am always drawn to anything referencing cubicles.  I think cubicles are a singular sign of humanity’s collective insanity.



So there you have it:  my first installment of Biff’s Weekly Top Five.  I hope you enjoyed it!  And remember … go to the blogger’s sites and show them some love and appreciation!


  1. I am going to be watching you and make sure you do post weekly. I try to draw a cartoon twice a week and know sometimes I look at the calendar and ten days, count them, have passed. No writer’s block, it is a job, so you have to show up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Biff, this is a terrific idea. Sharing makes the world go round. Or maybe it’s angular momentum, although sharing is easier for me to understand. Also, your words about my post were so generous. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, John! I can’t say that I invented it, but I had the thought one day and I really liked it for the very reason you mentioned. After all, WP is a community of writers, so any way we can help each other out is a good thing.

      Also, you are right, it is the angular momentum. Or perhaps the centripetal force. I can’t remember. I was abysmal in my physics classes.

      Looking forward to reading more of your writing!


  3. What a great idea to share posts, Biff! I love the creative angle, instead of just sharing links… I’ll make sure to visit all 5 posts! If you liked them, they must be worth a little detour 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Cyranny! It just came to me suddenly during the holidays when I realized one of the greatest parts about having a blog on WP is the sense of community here and the way everyone helps each other and encourages each other.

      You know: like you’ve been doing with me for months now! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hehehehe… yeah, I have a habit of talking about my favorite bloggers. I just can’t help it. If it can bring at least one new reader to a blog I enjoy, I feel like I am doing something good…. Plus, it assures that my chouchous will keep on writing 😛 Well…. no, it is no guarantee, but I guess it helps 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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