Tastes Kinda Like Victory


0 - Man Asleep on Desk

I am ready to declare victory on my New Year’s resolution to write sporadic, disjointed posts on my blog with no sense of regularity, and interspersed with days upon days of inactivity.

Nailed it!

You can’t see me, but I’m giving myself a high five right now.

I can now cross that resolution off the list.  Normally it would take an entire year to amass enough blog posts to determine if I had been successful or not, but I think 4 blog posts in ten days is a statistically significant sample and it certainly allows me to extrapolate where I might be 355 days from now.  Oh yeah!  Looking good!  There’s really no need to write any more posts.  I think we can all see where this is heading.  Pardon me while I take a victory lap around my living room.

Ow!  Dang-it!  Stubbed my toe on the coffee table.   Give me just a second …

Please Stand By


Okay.  I’m back.  That table leg must have hit a nerve just right because it caused my eyes to sweat profusely. Ha ha!  Who would’ve thought that the toe bone is connected to the eye bone?  I may not know much about anatomy but … well … I know that song.  Parts of it anyway.

Okay … enough silliness.  I know my blog readers well enough to know that you don’t come here looking for levity, jocularity, or interesting topics.  I’m pretty sure you think of my blog like an 8 AM Monday morning meeting.  That is, you only go if there are doughnuts.

Sorry, no doughnuts today.  There are, however, some little packets of faux Parmesan cheese left over from the pizza party we had last month.  Feel free to tuck in.  I’m pretty sure they don’t have an expiration date.

This, then, is what this blog has come to.  Don’t we deserve better than this?  Don’t we deserve something better than packets of faux Parmesan cheese?  Sure, there may also be a packet or two of red pepper flakes, but does that really make anything better?  Is it too much to ask to get an occasional doughnut?  Even those weird ones that no one ever eats?

Rest assured that I shall send a strongly worded email to the management to let our demands be known.

In the meantime, let us enjoy these packets of Dijon mustard and lite mayonnaise that were left over from the company picnic back in August.  What is the worst that could happen?



    • Lol! Yes! I think those are pretty much just chicken-flavored sodium. Still good, though!

      And thanks. 🙂 My philosophy is “Always aim low and act surprised when you exceed expectations.” It has served me well so far.

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  1. Any given day I’m just basically scribbling away on any ol’ foolishness that crosses my brain. But you, my friend, are “perfecting your art” Unlock your inner (OCD) child – you can, must scribble regularly…..

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    • Thank you, NotDonner! We are all doing the same thing, my friend. Just jotting down little pieces of ourselves and tossing them out into the ether in the hopes that they strike a chord with someone. And when they do, it is the greatest feeling in the world, as I’m sure you’ve discovered with your own writing.

      As always, thanks for stopping by. It is always an honor.


  2. That old tv screen, with the “stand by” notice? I can remember sitting in front of the black and white tv with the 12″ screen watching those and waiting for the broadcast day to begin. I think it was 7 a.m. that stations signed on, and of course at 11 p.m. or midnight the stations went off the air. After all, who needed any more television than that? Proper people were in bed by 10, anyway. 🙂

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    • Hi Linda! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I remember those, too! Especially on Saturday morning when the cartoons would come on. I’d be sitting crosslegged on the floor in my pajamas watching that dang test pattern, waiting for the station to sign on the air. I usually wasn’t up late enough to see the stations sign off the air, but occasionally I would be. It always seemed like such a definite finality to the day when it happened. Everyone would just stand up like, “Welp, that’s the end of that!” and we’d all go to bed. It was so strange.

      I think nowadays we could actually use a break from all of the media we are constantly bombarded with. But there is no chance of THAT happening! 🙂

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