Poor Biff’s Almanac — Post Christmas Edition


Poor Biff's Almanac Graphic (Colored) #1 with Christmas Tree

Today was the first normal Saturday I’ve had in about 5 or 6 weeks.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and all of the hullabaloo surrounding those things, I have been out of my routine far longer than is good for me.

Yes, I am a creature of habit.  I can’t seem to stop myself.

But even today doesn’t quite count as “normal”.  I spent a portion of the day de-Christmassing the premises.  This involved getting a lot of empty boxes and bins down out of the attic.  These are the same empty bins I put up there only about 2 weeks ago after decorating the house.  And the same ones that I took down from the attic a week before that (albiet full).

I am getting quite adept and moving boxes and bins up and down out of the attic.  I wonder if that is a marketable skill?

Today, I took down the yard decorations.  When I put them up about two weeks ago, it was about 25 degrees (-4 C) outside.  Today, as I took them down, it was about 63 degrees (17 C).  It is bad enough deconstructing Christmas decorations in and of itself.  It is sort of a depressing ordeal.  That is because, while dismantling life-sized, light-up plastic snowmen and large faux light-up Christmas presents (designed to withstand the outdoors), and brilliant fuchsia metallic Christmas trees (also designed to withstand the outdoors), one cannot help but be a little melancholy thinking back over the joyous activities of the past few weeks.   And now it all seems a bit gaudy.

But then couple that with unseasonably warm temperatures and … well … it seems a trifle disrespectful.  It seems as if even Mother Nature has turned her back on Christmas.  I can almost see her, dusting her hands and going, “Well, that’s the end of that!  Time to move on.”  I don’t know why, but she is wearing an apron and looking suspiciously like Mary Poppins in this image in my head.  (Hey … I can’t control the way my mind works!)

So, even though I very much want life to return to normal here around chez Biff, it is proving difficult.  I want to put Christmas behind me, but it keeps calling me and leaving me awkward voice-mails.  It is proving to be a very messy break-up.


  1. Nothing ever feels normal after the all-consuming hubbub of Christmas time, does it? Due to a lot of weather happening around here, lol, I ended up not returning to work until Jan 3, and it just felt off-kilter all around.

    My hubby retired at the end of December, soJanuary has felt like an extended vacation for him as he slowly goes about accomplishing all the house projects, rearranging, sorting, decluttering, and more that have been so haphazard over the past few years. I feel like his retirement has given me a different direction as well, even though my work is the same.

    The good thing about the post-Christmas weeks is that I’m more than ready to start eating properly again. The holiday excess has left me with a smaller selection of flattering clothing in my closet . . .

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    • Yes, I agree. Everything seems so surreal these first few weeks after Christmas. Everything seems to be very low-energy and slowed down. Or maybe it’s just me. But I know things will return to their normal, frenetic state soon enough.

      Congrats on hubby’s retirement! I would love to be able to retire while still young enough to enjoy it. Oh well … I’d probably get bored after the first month anyway. (I’m going to keep telling myself that, even though I secretly know I will love it!)

      And amen to the eating better. My body is thanking me. Now I can walk out to check the mailbox without having to stop halfway for a rest. Or a small emergency bag of Cheez-Its.

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      • There’s no shame in having an emergency bag of Cheez-Its in your pocket. In fact, one of our Christmas gifts for our 17yo daughter was a large box of little Cheez-It bags. She was in heaven. All 30 bags are now history, lol.

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        • Sounds like a perfect gift!

          From all the feedback I’m getting, I’m starting to believe that Cheez-Its really ARE addictive. I bet it is that powdered, synthetic cheese-like substance.


            • Who doesn’t love some good peanut sweepings!

              I wish I’d saved it, but a long time ago I got a tiny packet of peanuts on a plane flight and on the front of the packet in bold print just under the “PLANTER’S PEANUTS” logo, it said, “Caution: Contains peanuts.” I know peanut allergies are no laughing matter, but the juxtaposition of those two things made me smile.

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  2. we still have the icicle lights up on the soffits…but then it hasn’t got above freezing yet so it is safe to take them down. I honestly don’t care if they stay up there till next year…..yes I am one of THOSE people. lol

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  3. We were ready to have Christmas come down – I had the yard decorated in early December – but there are still some gifts that were supposed to be delivered no later than the end of the year but are still pending. And a Minion blowup that my spouse – a little obsessed but a shrewd shopper – bought (for next year) that is pending delivery. For my part I have everything boxed, but not put up in the garage rafters. Lazy or only willing to fight with the garage rafter squeeze once?

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    • I hear you! That is the part I hate the most … lugging all that stuff up into the attic. It is poorly lit, suffers from extreme temperatures, is a very tight fit, and is inhabited by spiders. If I thought I could get away with just storing it all out in plain sight in a little-used room of the house, I’d be all over that!


  4. I have a friend whose grief at having to “take down Christmas” was so severe she’s already filled the gap with Mardi Gras decorations. I was going to suggest she start with Valentine’s Day instead, but then I discovered that Lent begins on Valentine’s Day this year. I haven’t quite figured out what to think about that.

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    • You’re welcome … and thank you for reading! And, yes, it does feel something like a breakup. Going from deliriously happy to feeling a blue as we continue to see the constant reminders of what used to be.

      But soon it will be Christmas again. 🙂

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