Biff’s Top Five Posts of 2017

pool-snooker-ball #5

Self-promotion does not come easy for me.  In fact, it is antithetical to my personality.  However, every “How To Blog” article I have ever read says that one must be relentless in one’s self promotion.  So, I am going to hold my nose and do this.  I apologize up front to everyone.

Here are my top 5 blog posts from 2017 according to my stats page.  I excluded my “About” page and other miscellaneous things that never change.

Numero Cinco (#5)

There was a tie for fifth place between the following two blog posts:

I Was Wrong … and I’m Glad I Was

Posted:  December 29, 2017                                   Views:  46

In this post I waxed philosophic and with thankfulness and gratitude about the past year of my blogging activity on WordPress.

How To Have An Existential Crisis For Fun and Profit (and Maybe a Few Yucks)

Posted:  December 15, 2017                                          Views:  46

In this post I attempted to give some insight into a humor-writer’s brain and thought processes.  It was really me expounding upon the old saw “write what you know”.  But what is a writer to do when he or she has strip-mined everything they know for every single word possible and have run out of ideas?  This post doesn’t offer any answers, but it was very cathartic to me.

Nummer Vier (#4)

T’is the Season — To Crank Up the A/C

Posted:  December 4, 2017                                   Views:  51

The weather here in Dallas is a writing well I keep going back to over and over again.  I know everywhere in the world thinks they have the most unique weather there is, but the Dallas weather changes so often it makes my head spin.  Anyway, I don’t think the weather theme was the cause for so many hits on this post.  I think it was my attempt to be humorous and to come up with Texas-themed Christmas carol titles.

Uimhir a Trí (#3)

In a Vacuum, No One Can Hear You Blog

Posted:  July 8, 2017                                   Views:  54

I have no idea why this post broke the top 20, let alone the top 5.  It was just me moaning about how hard it is to blog frequently and consistently.  The ideas dry up.  One becomes repetitive.  One tries new things only to find the reception tepid or non-existent.  I know these things are not unique to me.  I am not special, nor do I deserve special consideration.  Everyone who blogs struggles with these things.

Номер два (#2)

Haircut Roulette

Posted:  March 12, 2017                                   Views:  57

Again, I have no idea why this post struck a chord with my readers.  I would have placed it down around 127th place.  I was merely bemoaning the fact that the guy has cut my hair for the past 25 years up and moved away, and how hard it was for me to find another barber who could cut my hair to my liking.  I guess it is just one of those universal things we all go through in our lives.

[Insert drum roll here …]

Tau Tuatahi (#1)

An Open Letter To My Fellow Bloggers

Posted:  November 15, 2017                                   Views:  232

As you can see, this was by far my most-read blog post.  It was also my most commented on and my most reposted blog post.

In it I wrote about how hard it is to keep up with everyone else’s blog.  There are just so many wonderful writers, photographers, and artists out there who post so many awesome things!  It is nearly impossible to keep up.  I guess this really struck a chord with everyone, because it generated a lot of hits.  And thank you to everyone who reposted it for me!  That certainly helped.

Well, there you have it … my Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017.  I started to make it a top ten, but I am feeling lazy.  Besides, taking my own advice from my number one blog post, I didn’t want to make it even harder for you to keep up with everyone’s blog.  🙂

Happy New Year, Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful 2017, and I hope you all have a fantastic 2018.  Thank you all for everything!






  1. Happy new year Biff!! May 2018 bring you and your loved ones health, love and many great surprises along its months 🙂 Keep up the good work! We need you here in the Bloggosphere 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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