2017 – A Reminiscence

fathertimeteaches 2017a

Well, 2017 is on life support and only has a few hours left to live.  It is customary for people (especially people with blogs) to reminisce about the year that just ended and to make wild-ass promises about the upcoming year.  Since I am a people, and especially since I am a people with a blog, I am required by law to post such a blog.


2017 was a very good year for me.  I was in good health.  My job, though uninspiring, affords me such luxuries as food, clothing, shelter, central air, hot-and-cold running water, electricity, and internet service.  I feel guilty when I complain about anything, because quite honestly, I have nothing to complain about.  When I let life’s nuisances and annoyances get to me, when I wail and gnash my teeth and rend my clothing, I feel quite silly and ungrateful because I have it better than the vast majority of people in the world, either now or in the past.

The theme of 2017 for me was minimization and simplification.  As we go through life, we tend to accumulate stuff.  These things slowly take over our lives and consume us.  We find ourselves spending the majority of our waking hours maintaining, managing, upgrading, and declaring our fealty to the useless things we accumulate.  Well, in 2017, I said “no more!”  I have begun shedding the things in my life that no longer serve me or bring me joy.

But enough philosophizing.  I meant to reminisce instead.  Below are some of my reminiscences about 2017.


Though I was not new to blogging before 2017 rolled around, this was the first blog I put any real effort into and kept up with anything approaching consistency.  As a result, I met some really wonderful people, got to read some fantastic blogs, and received lots and lots of encouragement.  That has absolutely been the best part of blogging for me.  I love the community of bloggers who support each other, encourage each other, read each other’s stuff, and have a great time together.  I wish we were not spread out all over the world, for it would be a real hoot to get together with you all at a picnic or a pizza party or somewhere just to eat and laugh and talk and have a wonderful time together.


I half-completed a few things this year.

  • Almost completed restoring a vintage 1950s vacuum tube radio.  It fell victim to my Short Attention Span (SAS).
  • Nearly completed a model of a 1965 Ford Galaxie 500.  (Another SAS victim.)
  • Attempted to teach myself how to cartoon (Realized very quickly that I am not a cartoonist, nor will I ever be.)

I had more success with a few other projects.

  • Built a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a Raspberry Pi computer board
  • Painted two oil paintings under the tutelage of a Bob Ross certified instructor
  • Managed to write 200+ posts for this here blog
  • Bought a Canon T-6 camera and took up photography (still not good enough to post anything, though)
  • Cut the cord.  I now no longer have cable or a land-line phone, though I still have Internet.  This has saved me over $150 a month!  I have not missed cable TV one little bit.

Other things were a complete disaster or ended in abject failure.

  • Meant to clean out the garage — didn’t even get started
  • Ditto on the attic
  • Decided to stop collecting old books and so tried to get rid of my collection of 800+ books.  Found out old books are worthless.  I may end up tossing them in the recycling bin.
  • Failed miserably in my resolution to read a book a month.  I only managed to read about 3 or 4 books this year.  I realize this is pathetic, but I shall do better this year.
  • Failed miserably in my resolution to finish writing a book this year.  I only wrote half of two novels.  Perhaps if I put these two failed attempts into a single binder, that would count as an entire novel.  Hmmmm.   We’ll call that one a near miss.


Life Events

I’ll put all of these in the Win Column.

  • Remained employed
  • Remained healthy
  • Did not lose anyone close to me
  • Got a new roof on my house to replace the hail-damaged one.  Insurance picked up huge portion of it (though I still had to fork out significant $$$)
  • Daughter got a job and moved all the way across the country and is now self-sufficient


Wild-Ass Promises

Here are my wild-ass promises for 2018.  (Some might call them delusions.)

  1.  Finish writing one of the two novels I started in 2017.  (Bonus points for finishing both of them.)
  2. Continue writing consistently in this blog.  The adjuncts to this will be to grow my readership and to continue growing my circle of blogging friends.  Most of the fun of blogging is meeting new people!
  3. Clean out the attic and garage.
  4. Continue my path towards minimization and simplification.
  5. Try to lead a more interesting life so that I will have something to blog about.  (This one goes into the Fantasy column.)


I hope you all have a safe and fun New Year’s, and I hope 2018 is wonderful and successful for you all!




  1. […] But I didn’t stop there.  I nearly burned up the motor in my paper shredder.  I tossed all sorts of things into the trash or the recycling bin.  I made a giant pile of things down in the living room to take to the Salvation Army.  I have been saying for months that it is time to simplify, minimize, and reduce.  In fact, it was one of my New Year’s resolutions. […]


  2. Ah, the 1965 Ford Galaxie 500. I learned to drive in one of those. It was my brother’s, and while working with him on a farm the summer I was 16 I had the chance to cruise around in it.

    At least until the drive shaft fell off.

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    • My Mom bought a very used one because we needed a car and we were poor. I think it was 7 or 8 years old when she bought it. She probably only paid $500 for it. It was functional and got us from Point A to Point B with a minimal amount of fuss. It was the car my older brother learned to drive in and I remember him cruising around town in it. I was too young to think much about cars at the time, but I have fond memories of it. So, when I saw the model at Hobby Lobby I just had to get it. Maybe I’ll even getting around to finishing it soon. If I do, I’ll post a picture of it for you.

      Happy New Year!

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  3. You ARE people and you DO have a blog, so thank you for not breaking the law by skipping the reminiscence post. Mine (on both blogs) will be aired this week. Better late than never . . . I’m a rebel that way.

    I have much to be thankful for (as always) though the first part of the year was pretty rough, due to a number of reasons. But my BFF told me to reboot in June and to call that New Year’s Day. I did. As a result, I’m looking at midnight with anticipation and cheer, and a “thank goodness I made it intact” outlook.

    Your strive for simplicity has inspired me to add that as one of my personal goals. I long to toss out the accumulation and yet I find myself not making the time for it. I plan on breaking it down to small bites so the bigger job of decluttering is done painlessly over time.

    My goals always break down into categories of personal growth, spiritual growth, physical health, and professional goals/growth. From there, I get specific about the areas of focus. I think this year, I’ll do a mini-check at the beginning of each month to see if I’m on track, and to adjust if necessary.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening and a great start to 2018!

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    • Thank you, Lynda. 🙂 I am always very honored and appreciative of your comments. I can’t wait to read your reminiscences of 2017! Your blog is amazingly inspiring, so I’m sure your reminiscences will be amazing.

      Also, I very much applaud your June reboot. I often say that there is nothing magic about the date “January 1”. We can change our lives and attitudes at any time, on any date. All we need is the determination and the will. (And encouragement from others helps a lot too!)

      I hope your efforts to simplify go well. I have only scratched the surface so far in my own efforts to simplify and minimize, but it has already been fantastically liberating. I highly recommend it for everyone.

      Happy New Year! I hope 2018 goes awesomely for you.

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  4. I really appreciate how, right out of the gate, you stated: ‘2017 was a very good year for me.’ That, in itself, speaks volumes. The currency is to kvetch about what we DO NOT have, or how BUSY we all are, how little SLEEP we are getting, how REN seems a weak villain, etc.

    However, we are not robots (though hopefully, in a few years, we will be more machine than man, like Vader) As Steinbeck once stated, it is in Man’s nature to be dissatisfied, it is both a blessing and a curse. Of course, it is in our nature to moan a bit, but we must try to look around us (behind, too, and appreciate all the progress we have made) and count blessings that are often eclipsed by what They want us to desire, ‘They’ being advertisers and therefore, society at large. (I have a facial cleanser that has actually made me happy, but if you get it in your eye, you must flush it out with an IV drip of NaCl)

    Happy New Year Biff. Stuck at home this year, no party time for us, my daughter put a hole in the tire sidewall rendering us homebound this NYE)

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    • Thank you, Wilt! You said it far better than I ever could have. As you pointed out, it is our nature to complain about trivial things, while ignoring our huge blessings. I do try to consciously be thankful for all the blessings I enjoy every day, but it is easy to get distracted by the … well … distractions of life.

      Sorry to hear about your tire! Hopefully the remedy will be painless.

      We’re staying in, too. It is way too cold here (at least by Dallas standards) to go out anywhere. Happy New Year! I hope you have an awesome 2018.


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