I Was Wrong … and I’m Glad I Was


It is almost one year to the day that I kicked off this blog with a promise to myself that I would actually do it.  And maybe even stick to it for a little while.  You can read my promise to myself (and my lack of faith in same) at the following link:

Higher Resolution … or Highly Resolute … or Just High

Overall, I would rate my progress over the past year as a solid “E” (i.e. exceeded expectations).  I honestly thought I would only get six or eight posts into this thing before I gave it up.  That had been my track record up until then and I saw no reason why the pattern wouldn’t repeat.  After all, I have lived a life made up of started-but-never-finished projects.  It just seems to be part of my DNA.

But I am happy to report that I have not only stuck with this blog for an entire year, but that I have written over 200 posts, have had over 2,000 visitors, and have received over 4,700 views.  Those numbers far, far exceed what my expectations were when I started this little venture.  After all, I only started this blog to try and become more regular in my writing.  Therefore, I figured that my record at the end of the year would be more along the lines of 8 posts, 21 visitors, and 63 views.  I also assumed that most of those visitors would be me checking my blog from different IP addresses.

Anyway, I want to thank you all for allowing me to have such a stellar year.  The best part of it all is not my stats, but the friends I have made, the amazing blogs I have gotten to read, and the knowledge I have gained.

You all make blogging fun!



    • Thanks, Toni! Congratulations on 5 years! That is awesome. I was very proud of myself for making it one year, since I’ve never kept up a blog for more than 2 or 3 months at a time. But it is certainly people like you who keep me coming back. The positive feedback is nice, but it is also awesome to get to read other peoples’ work and thoughts and experiences and insights. In other words, it’s awesome to read blogs like yours!

      Also, I just realized we are practically neighbors. So, howdy, Pardner!


    • Thanks, Dave! It is definitely much harder some days to write than others. It is hard to come home from an uninspiring day at work and think of something to write that someone would actually like to read. So I am extra thankful when people read the things I write on days like that.

      Also, knowing that bloggers I admire (such as yourself) are reading what I write keeps me on my toes!

      Happy new year!

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  1. Well, I have only stalked you for a short time…and I blame Cyranny for that..TOTALLY! Her one and only assignment this year (which she failed spectacularly to complete) was to announce new and wonderful blogs for me to follow. SHE FAILED! Yep, it’s totally her fault that I have not given you the golden nuggets of my amazing observations for a year! So grats on the year. Grats on the posts and readers…and most importantly Congratulations of NOW having the marvelous comments by SUZE!

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  2. Congrats! Nice to hear, especially since I’m in a similar situation. Started blogging 8-9 months ago to see if I could stick with it. While there have been lags, there has also been unexpected bursts of energy too. Nice to see you feel it has been worth it, there has been times when I wonder if it is.

    I’ve been “lurking” around the blogging community for several months, but your blog is one I have been following. Keep it up, the one thing we need in this world is more humor! Have a Happy New Year!


  3. Wow… I just realized it’ll soon be a year since I started stalking you! Not very effectively at first (I appologize for that… practice makes perfect, or so they say) but I think I’m doing fairly good now!

    In that regard, and to celebrate my almost year of stalking, and your year of getting back on a horse that had kicked you off its back a couple of times in the past (isn’t that a lovely metaphore?) I thought I’d take my pompoms out of the closet (no, I’ve never been a cheerleader, I just like to dress up A LOT, and have all kinds of costumes just for the fun of it) and sing you something very cheerful, hoping that would make you stick for yet another year.

    Then I thought, yeah, Biff (Bbbbb… Bbbbbb…. No Cyr, we don’t have time for this right now!) has eyes and ears. (I know about the eyes, you’ve mentionned them in the past… and I am pretty sure you have ears too, because you used to have eye glasses, right?) So singing is definately not an option here, and I thought, as a blog-birthday-day gift, I would spare you from the sight of me wiggling around the room yelling “Give me a B!!”

    So, no singing, no dancing (you can thank me later!) and as a bonus, know that a girl (not the sharpest tool in the box, but hey! You don’t get to pick who reads you! That’s just life :P) up North is stuck with “Hey Mickey” in her head – the song is the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about cheerleading! And since I am prone to get earworms, I know I’ll be chanting my own version (Oh Biffy!) all day long, maybe even at home, where I’ll most certainly get some eye rolling from Chéri, who might add “Give that poor guy a break, won’t you?”


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