My Favorite Holiday Quotes From Fellow Bloggers, Volume 2

Here is my second volume of these!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Backstory:  While reading holiday posts from other fellow bloggers, I had the brilliant idea to capture some of my favorite quotes from some of the posts I’ve read.  Below are the ones I have so far.  I’ll add to it as I read more posts.

Be sure to visit their awesome blogs!

mailbox & Presents

“I doubt if there will even be peace on earth, especially when Monopoly comes out.”

“Christmas Already?” at nothinglikeadane

“You know, all I really want for Christmas is a few hundred more blog followers. ”

“Grinchy Christmas Musings and a Holiday Party to Remember” at Popcorn and Pigtails

“I spent the morning watching the kiddie-winks in our local church nativity and answering the question ‘so, Mary, what are you doing now then?‘ at a rate of 10 per hour.”

“The Gift of Laughter” at Mary. She Wrote.

“Thinking up what comes next is hard when you’re dying on the inside from lack of sleep and screaming children.”

“Christmas morning” at J.R.Polkinghorne


“They Were Terrible, But Handy” at Struts and Frets

[It’s visual … you just have to see it.  But well worth the visit! – Biff]


“Today, e-cards are about as cutting edge as AOL or Netscape Navigator (remember those?)”

“Why I don’t like e-cards.” at Dream Big, Dream Often






  1. My parents always used to say at family gatherings, “It’s not a party until someone starts crying or the cops show up”. As you might guess alcohol was normally present at these events!!

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