What’d I Tell Ya?


As if to prove my blog post yesterday, the meteorologists here in Dallas are predicting that we may get a light dusting of snow tonight.  So we’ve gone from 80-something degrees and muggy on Monday, to 54 degrees, overcast, and windy today, to a chance of light snow tonight.  True, it may only be one angstrom deep, but it still counts.

At least there’s no chance we’re get bored with our weather!



    • LoL! Well, you’re more than welcome to come down here and experience a good ol’ Texas T-storm … but they can scare the bejeebers out of a person … especially if they start rotating! Or dropping golf ball sized hail.

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  1. I see my delivery hasn’t been stolen on its way… You never know these days, and Montréal IS far from Texas…

    Enjoy the white stuff! And don’t be afraid, if it melts, I’ll send you more to play with!! 😉

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    • Thanks, Cyranny! We’ll take all you want to send us. And, yes, it will most likely melt before 10 AM, assuming we even get any. The weather people are very often wrong about these things. They love toying with our emotions.

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      • I think they have a special “Magic 8 Ball” made that they give to weather people when they get their weather diploma…. I just wonder what they spend their time doing though, waiting for that day to come. Maybe they learn to knit, or do yoga a lot… Anyway.

        Talking about weather… Have you seen this before… I’ve watched it dozens of times, and it still cracks me up!

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