Sunday, I Hardly Knew Ye


Well, here it is Sunday evening again and once again I am sitting here wondering just where in the heck today went to.  One minute I’m awakening to the smell of coffee brewing (because I set the coffeepot timer the night before) and facing the day with wide-eyed optimism, and the next minute the sun is setting below the rooftops to the west of me and I am running around in a panic going, “No!  This can’t be happening!  My to-do list is practically untouched!

But, I shouldn’t be surprised.  It is this way every Sunday evening.  Whatever government agency is in charge of regulating the speed of time does not like us wasting our time on the weekends being unproductive.  They want to get us back to Monday morning as quickly as possible so that we can once again be productive members of society, and not the weekend slackers that we would definitely be all the time if we ever won the lottery.

Be that as it may, I did get a few things done today.  Nothing that matters in the grand scheme of things.  They were just the sorts of things we fill up our days with; the things we look back on and smile and say, “Well, I got a few things done, at least.”  But these things are self-replenishing.  We do them … and then an hour or a day or a week later they need to be done again.   And, what’s worse, they’re not the sorts of things that anyone notices that we did.   They only notice them if we fail to do them.  So we do them not because it brings us pleasure to, but because we avoid the unpleasantness that would result if we didn’t do them.

Either way, it Sunday’s over and it’s time to get back to being a productive member of society.


  1. Yeah the weekend moves way to quickly. I still believe we need to transition Monday into Funday the third day of the weekend. Then we could make the rest of the week 8.5 hour days. I would much rather have a three day weekend and longer days, because then it would be 4 days on 3 days off. Way different than 2 vs 5

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  2. Things I didn’t get done on Sunday: laundry, plant watering, vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, grocery buying.

    Things I did do on Sunday: catch up on blogs, pet the cat, make a trip to a wildlife refuge, cull through the resulting photos, begin a new book.

    Things I’ll do today, before and after work: laundry, plant watering, vacuuming, kitchen cleaning, grocery buying.

    Oh — and catching up on blogs. 🙂


  3. “They only notice them if we fail to do them..” Like brushing our teeth?

    The government would like us to spend our weekends spending money. I think it was the whole point of reducing the 6 day work week to 5…people didn’t have enough time to spend money. With the internet though you can spend money while you’re in the crapper at work.

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    • Well, I am thwarting their evil plan. I rarely buy anything any more, unless I just need it to survive. I have exited the favorite demographic group of merchants (i.e. I’m no longer part of the group that spends money).


  4. Good post Biff. Those things that don’t matter much in the scheme of things . . . I try not to think too deeply about it . . . there madness lies.

    The WHAT IF principle can work wonders in times of torpor and uncreativity. As in What if . . . we got paid in hotcakes instead of money overnight. People would be stocking their basements with hotcakes, pancake mix and flour etc would be sold out everywhere. See how my brain works and what YOU’VE done? haha kidding. That’s how I’m wired, much to the exhaustion of friends and relatives, oh and my kids.

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