Well … There’s That …

I read somewhere that short posts are better than long posts.

ant with big post #1



  1. Ha! And given your photo, here’s some news you can use. During a serious flood, fire ants (who don’t enjoy flood waters any more than people do) will climb up the interior walls of a house (or, in my case, a third floor apartment) and come out through the switchplates and wall outlets, attempting to set up housekeeping.

    Fat chance.

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    • Thanks, Linda! Having been raised in the South and now living in Texas, I am well aware of the shenanigans of fire ants. If I saw them coming out of the switchplates and wall outlets I’m afraid I would just have to burn the house down and move north of the Arctic Circle (where, presumably, they haven’t migrated to yet).

      And thanks for the comment! I enjoyed it very much.

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