Hello Summer, My Old Friend


And by “friend”, I mean “Bane of my Existence”.

In Simon and Garfunkel’s classic song, when they sing “Hello Darkness, my old friend“, you can hear the despair and resignation in their voice.

I feel the same when I welcome summer back to Texas.  From the very first time the thermometer hits 96 (35.6 C) … as it did today … you know it will not be going down again for at least 4 more months.  It will only be going up.  There might be nights when the temperature will creep back down into the mid to low 90s (34 C), but that will be at 2 o’clock in the morning.  It’s not like I’m going to get up in the middle of the night just to go outside just to enjoy some air that is only slightly cooler than it was at noon.  Even if I did, the mosquitoes would carry me away and inject me with a cocktail of West Nile, Zika, Chikunguny, or Dengue (dealer’s choice).

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 98 degrees (36.7 C) with a heat index of 108 (42.2 C).  And it’s only mid-June, folks!  There’s lots more summer fun on the horizon.

I really need to move further north.  I wonder what property values are like at the North Pole.


  1. I felt like that every day for 20 years in Cyprus until I finally came back home to the bliss that is English weather. Yep I said it. It rains, sunshines (it’s a word) gales and just exists all in one day. And best of all, in the winter I actually feel cold. Love it.

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    • Hi Eva! Yes, humidity is almost never pleasant, no matter where you live. That’s why I don’t want to live near a coastline. The scenic views and proximity to the beach don’t make up for the constant sticky humidity. Thanks for the comment!


  2. but is it a dry heat? I spent some formative years in the Arizona desert and vowed never another summer. My brother-in-law continues to invite us to visit Yuma BUT why leave one hot climate for a hotter one? We have solar AND new AC for first full summer. Only mad dogs and tourists venture into the noonday sun!

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