The Case of the Missing Biff

Biff on Milk Carton

Alright, I’m just going to plunge in and get this over with.

Blogging is in no way like riding a bike.  The conventional wisdom regarding bike-riding is that one never forgets how to do it, no matter how long one goes without riding.  But one can most definitely forget how to blog.

I feel like, if the blogosphere were a gym, a pumped up blogger with 20,000 followers would be standing over me, sneering, and saying, “Do you even blog, Bro?

And me, the skinny, pasty, feeble blogger struggling to lift up the bar that doesn’t even have any weights on it, would say defiantly, “I used to blog every day.  Then I forgot how.

The pumped up blogger, now with 5,000 more followers than he had when this conversation started, would just shake his (or her) head in  disgust and walk away from me, leaving me to struggle with my weightless bar.

Because, let’s face it, when it comes to blogging, most of us are our own worst enemy.  Every day, when the time we set aside to write comes around, it is so easy to talk ourselves out of writing.  The excuses are endless.

  1. Nothing interesting happened to me today.
  2. I’m too tired to write.
  3. I can’t think of anything to write about.
  4. The one thing I did think to write about, I just wrote about a few weeks ago.
  5. No one actually reads my blog anyway, so no one will notice if I miss a day.
  6. I would write, but I really need to go fill up the car / pay bills / work on that thing for work / walk the dog / shampoo the carpet / change the air filters / re-grout the tile / etc etc.
  7. Any number of other excuses

My own nemesis is #1 with a side order of #3.

And then one day becomes two.  Then three.  Suddenly a week has gone by.  Then two.  Then a month.  A year.

But as writers we have to avoid the temptation to not write.  No matter what the excuse is, we must keep at it.  Because, unlike riding a bike, you WILL forget how.  Maybe not the mechanics … but the flame we have inside us that compels us to write will grow dimmer and dimmer until, one day, it just goes out.

So keep the flame alive with your own writing.


[Do I get a blogger award for mixing a bike-riding metaphor with a flame-going-out metaphor?]





  1. I realise battling like King Leonidas and Zen philosophy don’t particularly correlate per se. But it works immensely well for me and puts me totally at peace!

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    • Thank you, Maria! I love auto-correct fails. If it were not for them, I would not be Biff, the Worrier King.

      But seriously, congratulations on the Zen writing state you have achieved. I’m still working on mine. I’m sure it will show up any day now (from Amazon, no doubt).

      Also, looking forward to sharing the first annual Messy Mixed Metaphor Blogging Award (MMMBA) with you.


  2. I was actually having a similar discussion today. I think in my ludicrously short time blogging, I’ve come over all Zen. As a natural born worrier (ha, my autocorrect just tried to correct that to “warrior” – I WISH! ) and perpetual over thinker, I thought I’d be stewing and loudly percolating over every next post. But oddly (and possibly this is a sign that I’m on the right path) I only write when I get a literal physiological urge to write, that I can’t ignore. The idea invades my head and we fight a Spartan battle until I’ve thrashed it out of the Thermopylae onto my blog.
    Happens once a week or so.
    Also, I’ll nominate your if I get nominated – messy mixed metaphors – it’s bloggery gold.

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  3. I can’t imagine even attempting to post something daily. Between the time I spend reading other blogs and the time it would take to write a post, I’d have about enough time left for a sandwich and back to bed again. Even once a week is a challenge.

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  4. LOL Biff (Sock Pow…. Geeeezz I love your name… have I told you before – of course I have… I still though, A.LOT… But I wouldn’t want you to think I follow you just because of your name… Like those guys that love a woman just because she has fine… well, you get me, right? Or these women marrying old farts just for their… well, cash – that one I can say here!)

    I have a problem with #6. I do the exact opposite. I will use writing not to go fill up the car / pay bills / work on that thing for work / walk the dog (thought that one is easy to get out of, since I don’t have a dog) / shampoo the carpet / change the air filters / re-grout the tile…

    Would that count as an addiction? Or just laziness? 😛

    Nice piece… thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

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    • Thank you, Cyranny! It’s comments like yours that remind me why I like to write in the first place. It’s all about the Great Conversation, isn’t it?

      And I’m very glad you like my name. I almost decided not to go with it, thinking it a mite silly, but for some reason this “phrase” has always struck a chord with me. I think it was all of those Adam West Batman episodes I watched as a youngster.

      Your other comment made me realize there are two types of writers. Those who write to avoid doing other things … and those who do other things to avoid writing. Sadly, I’m in the second camp. Some writers write with ease, like blowing bubbles. But for others, like me, writing a piece is like trying to bake a souffle … on a covered wagon … while being shot at … while flipping end-over-end down a ravine … while on fire .. with no eggs. When I’m finally at the bottom of the ravine, still smoking a little, holding whatever it is that I was trying to bake, all I can usually say is, “Well, I won’t be doing THAT again any time soon.”

      Thank you for your great comment! It definitely made my “souffle” somewhat palatable.

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      • I totally agree… It is the interaction that makes blogging that much fun. Otherwise, people should just write for themselves and maybe aim to be published…. But blogging is really a community experience…. At least for me, it is!

        As for your name, I probably like it enough to confirm just with my own opinion, that you were right choosing it! It totally rocks! I wish I had more occasions to use it…. You have to write more, so I can say “have you read Biff Sock Pow wrote today?” more often! Oh… and because I enjoy your writing and pictures too! 😉

        There are up and down sides to both types of writers. To explain my view of things a little better, the less interesting the task I am “supposed” to do is, the more creative I get, blogging-wise. I think that my brain keeps good ideas in store just to save itself from the boredom of washing dishes, or emptying the litterbox. I wish I could afford someone to clean for me, that would leave me lots of time to write, and then, I could make money out of my writing, eventually. I am thinking, though, I should hire a bipolar cleaning lady, that could quit anytime… because if there is no threat of having to do chores, my brain might just get lazy with ideas! lol

        Keep the soufflés coming… I have my fork ready!


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