Life Is Better With Bluebonnets On It

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that the Texas Bluebonnets are blooming with wanton abandon.  I also mentioned that I have lived in the Dallas area for over 30 years and I have somehow managed to miss out on ever taking a single picture of them.  (Some might call that procrastination or laziness, but hey!  I was busy.)  The annual blooming of the Bluebonnets is a Big Deal™ here in Texas.  They are the state flower, after all.  People will risk their lives pulling over to the side of a busy freeway to take a selfie in a patch of bluebonnets.  Every year people go tumbling end over end when they attempt to take a selfie on a steep hillside full of Bluebonnets.  It is Texas’ version of the running of the bulls.  Except a lot less exciting.  And instead of being trampled or gored, people are filling up the Internet with cheesy selfies with bluebonnets in the background.

Be all that as it may, it was decided this past weekend that we would drive down to the town of Ennis for their annual Bluebonnet Festival.  I’ve never been there before and had no idea what to expect, but the weather was beautiful and it was a lazy day and so why not?   And it is only about an hour south of Dallas and in Texas terms, that’s practically next door.

We finally found our way there with the help of the imperious GPS lady.  The downtown area was cordoned off so that people could walk through the streets.  The streets were brick.  How cool is that?

Brick streets

There were a variety of food trucks and the air was thick with the wonderful aromas of corny dogs, cotton candy, fried alligator (I kid you not), quesadillas, bratwurst, barbecue, etc etc etc.   Here are a couple of the food trucks.  It was hard to get pictures of them because there was always a crowd gathered in front of them.  (Please ignore my horrible attempts at photo-shopping out a hungry patron).

German Food Truck.jpg

Later Gator food truck.jpg

See?  I told you they had alligator!

There were also people selling crafts.  I am generally not very attracted to crafts, but I must admit that I was quite taken with this metal sculpture of a jackass.  It spoke to me.  (Brayed to me?)

Donkey Sculpture

Luckily, I talked myself out of buying it.  I felt the homeowner’s association would have strong opinions about me putting this out in my front yard.

There was live music (country, of course).   I have no idea what the name of this band was, but they sounded pretty good.

Live Music.jpg

On the outskirts of town, a short drive away from the downtown area, was Bluebonnet Park where there were, not surprisingly, all the Bluebonnets.

Texas Bluebonnet #2.jpg

And Texas Paintbrush.

Texas Paintbrush

And a bunch of other types of wildflowers.

Floral Mix.jpg

I also found a wolf spider!  How cool is that?  Made my day.  This picture makes him look like he could take down a Great Dane, but he was only about the size of a quarter (leg span).

Wolf Spider

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed my first tavelogue or whatever the heck this was.  Texas can be very beautiful if you catch it just right (i.e. not summer or winter).







  1. Excellent travelog Biff! You scared me for a sec there, when I thought my great great Danes’ lives were at risk… but if you say that the biff… euh beast (sorry for the typo) was just the size of a quarter, I’ll have to believe you, I guess! 😉

    Have a great week!! 🙂

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