Writing While Uninspired

gray clouds

Friends don’t let friends write while uninspired.

But as there is no one here to stop me, I’m going to do it anyway.

If I had to pick a color for today, it would be gray.  I suffered from low energy all day long and could not seem to stay focused on anything for more than a few minutes.  The weather was kind of gray, and even during those moments when the sun would peer timidly between the clouds, it did so in a sort of bland, colorless way.  There was nothing about today that was inspirational or motivating.

These are the days that try writer’s souls.  It is easy enough to dash off a few lines when a day is vibrant and exciting and chock full of activities.  But on days when it seems as if the whole world is one great big sensory deprivation chamber, it is hard to write anything at all except a post about how un-inspirational the day has been.

There.  Mission accomplished.

(Insert mic drop here)




  1. Take heart! . Your gray-day writing has helped someone sidestep death-by-Channel-Surfing; probably somewhere delayed, but not hindered, a child being procreated; allowed someone in Arizona to wonder what gray-days are, and saved a blog-life today!

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