Happiness Is a Clean Office


It’s been a busy day here in Biff-land.  There were the usual things that one can’t help doing (eating, bathing, chores), but beyond that, I finally got to check a few things off of the list.  Most notably, I finally got my office put into some semblance of order.

My office is normally a wreck and has been for years now.  As I explained in a much earlier blog post (that I’m too lazy at the moment to go look up), my office contains the door to the attic, so things just pile up in my office as if it were a sort of a limbo or purgatory that is the final stop before being cast into the fiery abyss that is the attic (fiery, at least, in the summer).  And because my office is thus piled with clutter that isn’t mine, I sort of let the rest of the office go to rack and ruin too.  After all, there’s only so much you can do when there is a shortage of free space.  It is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  But the Titanic is a closet.  Full of clutter.

But I’d finally had enough.  I have spent the past few weeks (off an on, not continuously) taking my hundreds of books off the shelves, dusting them and the shelves, sorting through debris, putting some things in the attic and others in the trash (or recycling).  It has been a long, arduous, and often frustrating ordeal, but as of tonight, I have my office about 90% reclaimed.  I still have a few little odds and ends to take care of, but it finally looks like an office again.  All the books have been dusted and put back on the shelves in order.  Bins and boxes that were stacked up hither and yon have mostly gone (mostly to Yon, I suspect, since Hither is so touristy this time of year).  I can see carpet.  I can see desktop.  I actually have room to move around without fear of tripping over something or jabbing the sharp corner of a box into my rib cage or thigh (depending on the height of the stack that I bump into).

But now for the hard part . . . keeping it this way!


    • You are certainly right about that, Joseph! I haven’t even begun to tackle the junk drawers. I am almost afraid to open them. They are chock full of useful items like rusty thumbtacks, odd bits of string too short to do anything useful with, empty tape rolls, old dead phones (like the Nokia 1260), chargers that go to devices long since gone, Blockbuster Video membership cards, etc etc). I’m afraid if the world cleaned out their collective junk drawers simultaneously, we would not only fill up all the available landfill space, we would create mountains as high as the Alps.


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