My Lower Blog Pain


Well, four days have gone by since my last post and I suppose that is enough time.  The taste should be out of everyone’s mouth by now.  The will to begin reading again may have returned to most of the readers of my last post.

The will to write again has not returned to me yet, but maybe if I just start typing, it will return to me, kind of like the way back pain will return to you years after your last flare up even though you have assiduously avoided doing anything that will aggravate it.  But after awhile you forget about the excruciating pain and the feeling of laying there helplessly, unable to do the most simple tasks for yourself (like writing a blog post).  But then you think, “I’ll just pick up this little piece of lint up off the carpet” and Boom!  You’re laid out again, as helpless as a newborn (and extremely cantankerous) baby.  Or, in the case of writing, you think, “I’ll just write a little paragraph … not too long.  Maybe just a little paragraph about the writing life” and then Boom!  You’ve laid out a mediocre blog post that has trouble standing on its own and is incapable of picking up even the most casual of readers, let alone something more substantial, like a follower.

No, all your post can do is lay there helplessly while people go about their business all around it, seemingly oblivious to the pathetic suffering going on right there in the midst of everything.  They don’t even seem to notice the scruffy post holding the hand-written sign that says, “Will blog for followers.”




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