P.S. Your Blog is Dead


We’re sorry to inform you, Mr. Biff, that your blog has died.

We began treatment on December 27 and have administered approximately one new blog dose every day since then.  As you can see from the graph, the blog rallied on December 31 due to a large number of visits (though there is some debate among the staff that those visits were actually you before you before you realized how things work here at the WP Medical Plaza).  There was another brief moment from January 3 to January 4 when we thought the patient might rally and be out of the woods.  However, as you can see, we lost the patient on January 6.  Some attempts were made to to revive it on January 7, but there was no signs of life.

We here on the staff are generally in agreement that the title of this blog entry would have been much funnier if James Kirkwood, Jr. would have named his 1972 novel “P.S. Your Dog is Dead”, rather than going with “Cat”.  Still, it was the best we could do given the … er … um … feeble nature of your insurance plan.  Going forward, we recommend choosing titles that have a less flimsy connection to popular culture.

Oh, and we’ll need you to pop around to the service entrance and collect the remains of your blog.  Environmental laws forbid us from just tossing its bloated carcass into the landfill as we used to do in older, better days.

Oh … and here’s our bill.  You can pay the receptionist on the way out.  Also, we don’t validate parking.

Have a nice day!






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