Biff’s Piffling Fiction: An Introduction



Sometimes I am struck with the urge to write a bit of fiction.  However, more often than not, I get a page or two into it and lose interest or get distracted or come to the realization that what I’m writing isn’t worth finishing.  Therefore, I’m coming up with my own category of fiction that I call “Biff’s Piffling Fiction”.  It is fiction that doesn’t rise to the level of a short story.  I’m not sure what you’d call it.  Perhaps it is merely a treatment of a short story.  It is what an author might write to the publisher of a magazine to pitch the idea of a short story.  Remember when magazines actually paid authors for short stories?  For that matter, do you remember when magazines actually published short stories?

Anyway, that’s what this category is all about.  The things I put here might be as short as a paragraph, or as long as a chapter in a Russian novel.  Some of them might be incomplete bits of fiction; short stories that I started and then gave up on.  I’ll be sure to warn you at the beginning of the post if it is incomplete.

And just so you know, I really struggled with the title of this category.  Here are some of the titles I rejected.

  • Fractured Fiction
  • Fractional Fiction
  • Fleeting Fiction
  • 60-second Stories
  • Five Minute Fiction
  • Micro Fiction
  • Footling Fiction
  • Bite-sized Fiction
  • Fiction by the Ounce

There were some others, but I forgot them.


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