Day Three: Cautiously Optimistic


So here I am for my third post in as many days.  I have nothing to write about, but I’m hoping that will change as my fingers move randomly across the keyboard and my morning coffee works its magic.

I am cautiously optimistic regarding this blog’s progress so far.  (The title above might have conveyed that without me restating it here, but I needed a segue into this paragraph.)  My New Year’s resolution wasn’t to write something every day, but merely to start a blog and be somewhat active on it.  So, I’ll consider three posts in three days an accomplishment.  However, the new year isn’t actually here yet and so I hope I don’t stumble coming out of the gate and fall onto the track and have to be euthanized in front of a horrified crowd before the race (i.e. the new year) even starts.  Sorry for that unpleasant metaphor, but it is early in the morning and I’m not fully awake.  My coffee’s magic has been underwhelming so far and has consisted of merely pulling a quarter from behind your ear.

Today is Thursday and I can’t believe how quickly this week is going by!  I will be returning to work this next Tuesday after having been off from work for a little over two weeks.  During that period, my sleep cycle has slipped its moorings and drifted away from the dock.  So, it will be quite jarring on Tuesday morning when I have to get up at 6 a.m.  But that will be nothing compared to how jarring it’s going to be having to go to work and sit at a desk and pretend to be enthusiastic about spreadsheets and PowerPoints and meetings and corporate procedures.  I mean, talk about slipping off my moorings and drifting out to sea!  My job, though important at a macro level, at the micro level seems to have only a tenuous connection to reality.  It has a thin veneer of purpose and significance, but peel back that thin film of relevance and there is a sloshing, churning cauldron of absurdity and insipidity.  But I am very fortunate to have such a job in this economy and so Tuesday morning will find me in my office (painted with a selection from Sherwin Williams’ “Corporate Blandness” series of stultifying, insipid shades of taupe), sitting at my desk and staring at a spreadsheet or PowerPoint that is an abstruse abstraction of a fragment of reality that exists only within jejune corporate walls.

But, hey … it pays the bills.


But I digress (again).  My original point in starting today’s blog entry was to pat myself on the back for writing three blog entries in as many days while hopefully not suffering a back-patting injury such as wrenching my shoulder out of joint, pulling a back muscle, or some other injury that I would normally only suffer within the brilliant taupe walls of my perfectly cubic (and vapid) corporate office.

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