The Likelihood of Monday

Monday came and went. The day which I woke up this morning dreading proved to be unworthy of dread. I didn’t have a particular reason to dread it. It was just Monday. Mondays are dreaded simply because of their reputation. They are the playground bullies of weekdays. Monday will push you down and take your lunch money. Monday will give you a wedgie.

But do they really?

Or do we just believe they will because we have heard that a friend of a friend of a friend got pushed around by Monday?

Monday’s are just another day. They are no more good nor more bad than any other day. When something bad happens, there is only a one in seven chance that it will occur on a Monday.

It’s just that we’re usually in a state of nervous anticipation coming off of the weekend. If we worked seven days a week, we probably would think nothing at all of Monday.


  1. Okay, as if to prove me wrong, the date on this post is wrong. I wrote it on February 13, but WordPress logged it as February 14. I found out that my timezone setting was incorrect. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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