Christmas In February


The Christmas tree –  body-bagged, toe-tagged, and tossed in the attic.

What better way to spend a sunny, but frigid, Saturday afternoon than by taking down and putting away all of the Christmas decorations? 

You might be wondering why the Christmas tree and all of the other Christmas decorations were still up right here practically on Valentine’s Day.  Well, I assure you, it wasn’t due to laziness.  No sirree.  It was just . . . you know . . . procrastination, I guess.  And believe me, there is a BIG difference between laziness and procrastination.  Yes sirree.  BIG difference.  I’ll leave it as an exercise for the student to get out their Occam’s razor and slice up the problem any way they see fit. 

It is an annual ritual for me to get all of the Christmas decorations and the 12 foot tall faux tree down out of the attic in the last week of November.  The ritual then dictates that the stuff remain in its boxes and bins for another week or so until the traditional Christmas panic sets in and we all go about decorating the house in the course of a single day.  This is followed soon after by us having a lovely Christmas.  Then we begin to talk (as early as the day after Christmas) about how wonderful it would be to get it all packed up and put back up in the attic before the New Year hits.  But then, upon further reflection, we talk about how beautiful everything is and wouldn’t it be nice to leave it up for just a few more days so we can enjoy it and extend the Christmas season just a little longer. 

And then, suddenly and without warning, it is time to go back to work (for the adults) and back to school (for the daughter).  And, in an instant, we suddenly don’t have time to undecorate the house and the tree and get it all boxed up and back up in the attic.  Weekends are full of traveling to nearby towns for my daughter to compete in her high school competitions.  Weekdays are full of work (or school).  Weeknights are full of homework or shopping or cooking or cleaning or any number of things (exhaustion not the least among them). 

And, before you know it, it is the middle of February. 

Even yesterday, taking down the tree was not on my list of things to do.  It was only the unexpected threat of company coming over that suddenly motivated us to pack up the circus, stuff it all into the circus wagons, and send it on its way to the next town (or, in this case, the attic). 

It is amazing what a great motivator company coming over can be.  It can inspire us to do in a couple of hours what had not been done for six weeks.

We should probably have company over more often. 

A small sampling of the Christmas stuff waiting its turn to be put into the attic.



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